Public Art

Art: It's not just for walls anymore

The City of Suwanee is committed to supporting public art as a means of enhancing residents' quality of life as well as creating a colorful and unique sense of identity and place. Suwanee's public art initiative:

  • distinguishes Suwanee as an artful destination
  • supports a diverse and thriving economy
  • attracts top-notch creative talent
  • brings visitors to Town Center
  • creates a more connected community

Through the City Council-appointed Public Arts Commission, the City of Suwanee creates and promotes programs that bring public art to the community. In addition, the commission works with developers to include public art as part of new projects, encouraging them to donate 1 percent of construction costs to public art on their site or elsewhere in the City. (See the Guide for Developers.)

SculpTour: Suwanee's walkable public art encounter

Through private donations, Suwanee SculpTour brings a variety of sculptures to downtown Suwanee on a rotating basis. The program also helps to grow Suwanee's permanent public art collection as typically at least one sculpture from each SculpTour is purchased, again using privately donated funds.

In Remembrance of 9-11

Suwanee's Remembrance exhibit offers an example of art as history. Unveiled September 11, 2013, the display at Town Center Park features a damaged, twisted relic from one of the World Trade Center towers, which was given to Suwanee by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Created by Statesboro artist Marc Moulton, the display also includes a 9-11 historical timeline with stainless steel letters and numbers embedded into a cement pad as well as an inverted conical sculpture, with the lower Manhattan cityscape cut into it. At night, a light-shadow impression, which offers an aerial view of the cityscape, is projected onto the pad.

The display is located in a quiet area of Town Center Park along Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road.

Shimmering Echoes, a suspended sculpture by Koryn Rolstad, was installed at City Hall in February 2010.

'Watercolor in the sky'

Shimmering Echoes, the suspended sculpture installed in the lobby of City Hall in 2010, was created by Seattle-based artist Koryn Rolstad. Mounted in two areas, the cascading sculpture includes 12 groupings suspended from railroad-inspired aluminum track frames and 1,900 elliptical-shaped eco-resin elements in shades from translucent white and rose tones to yellow, green, and aqua. Rolstad describes Shimmering Echoes as "a watercolor in the sky."

Permanent art pieces throughout Suwanee

Through Suwanee SculpTour, developer-supported efforts, and other initiatives, Suwanee's permanent public art collection continues to grow.

City of Suwanee collection

Gateway Area
Instinctual Center by Aaron Hussey
Suwanee Police Training Facility

PlayTown Suwanee/Main Street
Mosaic Park Benches by 8th grade students (2011) at North Gwinnett Middle School
Pilgrim by Charlie Brouwer, donated by the Dovel Family
PlayTown Cows, Community-created/Atlanta Cow Parade

Photo by Bill Mahan

Sims Lake Park
Arachnid by Damon Lusky
Audubon Watcher by Jim Collins
Sunset by Gus & Lina Ocamposilva, donated by Cathy & Rob Rohloff
Windsculpture Weathervane by Al Garnto

Town Center
Commemorative Obelisk, unveiled at dedication of Town Center Park
Iron Canopy by Phil Proctor
Mother & Child by Elusia Altman
Remembrance by Marc Moulton
Shimmering Echoes by Koryn Rolstad
Suwanee Stage Mural by Sonny Franks and other 2006 Dixie Letterhead participants
Who Let the Dogs Out? by Jim Collins

Privately owned artwork displayed at local businesses through 1% developer initiative

Amne by Harry Zmijewski
Advance Auto Parts, 3379 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road

Boy on World by Jim Davidson
Tomorrow's Hope Montessori School, 305 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

Common Ground by Gregory Johnson
Salude, 601 Northholt Parkway

Dance by Gregory Johnson
Salude, 601 Northholt Parkway

Five Kids in a Tree by Ken Ross
Tomorrow's Hope Montessori School, 305 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

Hammer and Nail by Andrew T. Crawford
Ultra Car Wash, 3121 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road

Horse sculpture, installed by Pulte Homes
The Reserve at Moore Road, 4774 Moore Road

Utterly Radial by Andrew T. Crawford
Salude, 601 Northholt Parkway

Public Arts Commission

The Public Arts Commission is working to make life in Suwanee just a bit more colorful, a bit more, well, artful. The City Council-appointed Public Arts Commission was established to create programs that bring and promote public art in Suwanee and to work with and encourage developers to use 1 percent of construction costs to include public art or support public art as a component of new projects.

Among the duties of the Public Arts Commission are:

  • coordinating the developer component of Suwanee's public arts initiative
  • developing and coordinating the Suwanee SculpTour program
  • developing a Citywide public art master plan
  • recommending public artwork pieces on behalf of the City of Suwanee
  • acquiring art

Public Arts Commission members are:

  • Chair – Lisa Winton
  • Vice Chair – Cherie Heringer
  • Scott Auer
  • Vickie Johnson
  • Bernie Kirkland
  • Sean Mulligan
  • Keith Nabb

In 2015, the City facilitated the development of a public art master plan. City Hall staff, consultants and an advisory committee that included members of the Public Arts Commission (as well as numerous other civic leaders) worked together to create a plan to set a vision and develop a ten-year strategy that would help take public art in Suwanee to the next level. Click here to view the Public Art Master Plan.

For more information about the Public Arts Commission, contact Denise Brinson or Toni Shrewsbury.