City Projects

Current/Planned City of Suwanee Projects

Brushy Creek Greenway

This trail project is intended to connect sidewalks on Suwanee Dam Road (to be completed through a separate project) to Stonecypher Road and Main Street. The 10-foot-wide greenway will be located on properties that already are owned by the City. Suwanee has obtained a federal Transportation Enhancement grant to assist with the cost of constructing the greenway.

The goal of the project is to improve mobility in and around historic Old Town and improve the connection between areas west of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and downtown Suwanee. The project is identified in the Downtown Suwanee Master Plan and is a Tier 1 project in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

Buford Highway

The City plans to reconstruct Buford Highway as a context-sensitive roadway that respects the existing and planned character of the area and allows for all users (vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists) to travel safely along and across the corridor. Buford Highway has been widened in areas north and south of the City with future expansions planned; these widenings have adversely impacted downtown areas and decreased safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. The City's Buford Highway Context-Sensitive Design ensures that Buford Highway is constructed in a way that meets the needs of Suwanee.

This "complete" street design includes three distinct sections. From McGinnis Ferry Road to Davis Street, the rural cross-section includes two vehicle lanes and a multi-purpose path. The historic  section, extending from Davis Street to just south of Town Center, includes two vehicle lanes, bicycle lanes, a large supplemental/landscape zone with a broad sidewalk and space to accommodate on-street parking, and a potential roundabout at Buford Highway and Russell Street. The Town Center section includes two vehicle lanes, bicycle lanes, a landscaped median, and a wide sidewalk.

Here are concept plans shared at the October 9, 2014 open house: