20/20 Vision

Big. Bold. Game-changing. Those adjectives describe the City of Suwanee's 20/20 Vision strategic plan, which will guide the community that Suwanee will become over the next decade.

Over a 12-month period, from June 2011-May 2012, residents, community leaders, business owners, and other stakeholders engaged in the strategic planning process through interviews, committees, roundtables, and open house activities. The result is a single vision underscored by seven driving principles, 33 goals, and 144 potential strategies. With the community-infused 20/20 Vision in hand, Suwanee City Councilmembers and staff members will identify appropriate strategies as they set out to create the community that residents and business owners envision.

But just as creating the 20/20 Vision was a community process so will building the Suwanee of 2020 have to be a community effort. The City of Suwanee encourages residents, community organizations, and other partners to find something in the 20/20 Vision plan that they can be impassioned about,  champion, and make happen. For additional information about the strategic plan, contact Assistant to the City Manager Jessica Roth at jroth@suwanee.com.