100 Reasons to Love Suwanee!

1. Rockin' concerts. • 2. I can grow my own tomatoes at Harvest Farm. • 3. Finding art on a limb every May. • 4. Our City Hall really does look like the Hall of Justice. • 5. Celebrating our community at Suwanee Day. • 6. Being able to immediately identify a fellow Suwaneetian by the S sticker/magnet on their car. • 7. The smell of honeysuckle along the Suwanee Creek Greenway. • 8. Getting an A+ education through Gwinnett County's excellent schools. • 9. One of America's best places to raise kids. • 10. Town Center, the coolest "front yard" ever. • 11. Child seat checks provided free by caring police officers. • 12. 43 jets of splish-splashin' fun at Big Splash interactive fountain. • 13. People literally dropping in (a la the U.S. Army's Silver Wings based at Fort Benning) at our annual Memorial Weekend concert. • 14. Boot camps and other healthy lifestyle options. • 15. Guitar guy at Town Center Park – you know, the guy who just shows up randomly and plays. • 16. Main Street really exists. • 17. It's where you can meet art. • 18. Outdoor classrooms in our parks. • 19. Suwanee's got game at George Pierce Park. • 20. Paws-itively, a great place for pets. Our mascot, Parker, is a big dog! • 21. Lots of high-touch, high-tech ways to communicate. Like us on Facebook! • 22. Suwanee's more artsy and less fartsy. • 23. We feel safe. • 24. Park yourself at a great park – and relax! • 25. A great place to shop small and local. • 26. Interactive flash mobs are likely to erupt. • 27. PlayTown Suwanee, the playground that moms and dads built. • 28. Check out our cool public library. • 29. Suwanee's in the middle of everywhere. • 30. The first sunny Sunday in spring, before it's warm for good…when TCP is packed with picnics and frisbees and footballs and dogs and families and just general good times. (Leigh Caputo, via Facebook) • 31. Suwanee's public art encounter, SculpTour. • 32. Lots of places to worship and say: Wow. Thanks. Help. • 33. Get it fresh every Tuesday and Saturday at the Suwanee Farmers Market. • 34. Running, rolling, and strolling along the Suwanee Creek Greenway. • 35. All aboard the red caboose in historic Old Town. • 36. Flying kites at Town Center Park. • 37. Lots of local races and places for runners to run. (Laura Koller, via Facebook) • 38. Bad guys turn around when they see our new police training facility in the Gateway. • 39. You can travel the culinary world without leaving Suwanee. • 40. Fattening funnel cake and other yummy festival foods at events. • 41. Suwanee has its own geek squad, working quietly along Satellite Boulevard. • 42. Volunteers make things happen in Suwanee. • 43. Being able to proudly say: "I'm from Suwanee." • 44. Watching movies under the stars. • 45. The lime green Suwanee bags are great for the grocery store and more. • 46. Postcards from home are available at City Hall. • 47. Big-city FUN is closely available in the ATL. • 48. Low tax rate – if you've moved in from up north, you really know what we're talking about! • 49. For the "love" of neighborhood ALTA and USTA matches. • 50. The McGinnis Ferry extension makes it easy to cross I-85. • 51. Fall colors along Sawmill Road or Meadowbrook Circle. • 52. The historic buildings in Old Town. • 53. Sunrise service, Sunset art. • 54. Walking your dog along the creek at Suwanee Creek Park. • 55. Through PACT, every neighborhood has its very own police officer. • 56. National publications think we're hot and a great place to live. • 57. At least once every winter, you can break out your shorts. • 58. When it does snow, our roads get plowed. • 59. We're small-business savvy. • 60. Friday Night Lights don't get better than North Gwinnett vs. Peachtree Ridge. • 61. Watching trains go by from City Hall Park. • 62. We have an artifact from the World Trade Center towers in remembrance of 9-11. • 63. You run into friends and neighbors all over town. • 64. Suwanee is a trend-setting community with a regional reputation for doing things right. • 65. Our police department is among the about 5% that are nationally certified by CALEA. • 66. More than 570 acres of parks, greenway, and open space. • 67. Santa always arrives in Suwanee onboard a tractor-pulled sleigh. • 68. Easy access to I-85. • 69. Lake Lanier is only 15 minutes away. • 70. We don't all look like one another. We're diverse. • 71. George Pierce Park provides more than 300 acres of active recreational fun. • 72. Cool water tower. • 73. The S stands for Suwanee, not…. • 74. Lots of opportunities to get involved with the community, schools, organizations. • 75. Learning to ride a bike in one of our great parks. • 76. Shirts v. Skins football on the back lawn behind City Hall. • 77. Picturesque backdrops (think City Hall or Sims Lake Park) for family, prom, and homecoming photos. • 78. Driving along Lawrenceville-Suwanee and checking out how much the creek has flooded over the trail after a heavy rain. • 79. Face-painting, crazy hair, and bouncy rides. • 80. Getting boo-ed in the neighborhoods at Halloween. • 81. Visiting Fire Station #13 – and especially being allowed to hit the siren. • 82. With 16,000 friends and neighbors, Suwanee is just the right size. • 83. www.suwanee.com. • 84. You can catch banjos and bluegrass at the music barn in Old Town nearly every Saturday night. • 85. Everybody loves the Suwanee Day parade. • 86. We shoot our fireworks in September, not on July 4 like everyone else. • 87. Getting a glimpse behind the badge through Citizen Police Academy classes. • 88. We've been a Tree City USA for 23 years. • 89. You can watch the Braves play just up the road. (No need to drive to Atlanta.) • 90. You're never more than 1,000 feet from a dry cleaner, nail salon, or pizza joint. • 91. We're redefining suburbia. • 92. There's always something to do at Suwanee Town Center. • 93. Our four-legged friends can enjoy shows and activities just for them at Woofstock. • 94. You can hear a train whistle almost any time of the day – or night. • 95. It's like Mayberry, but cooler. (Carol Russell, via Facebook) • 96. Southern traditions with a sense of modern city flair. (Robbie Mosely, via Facebook) • 97. Watching the runners club take off on Tuesday (and Thursday) evenings while enjoying a beer at Mellow Mushroom. • 98. Great free concerts by recognizable acts. (Joanna Huett, via Facebook) • 99. Best neighbors you could ask for! (Jennifer Baweja, via Facebook) • 100. 'Cause it is home. (K. Marie Deffler, Facebook)